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IRTS, an innovative French rugged IT equipment manufacturer, has been an industrial electronics specialist for 20 years now.

IRTS is a product manufacturing company proposing an extensive COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) range of equipment including rugged displays and embedded computers for the defence, aerospace and industrial markets. These products, technologically and industrially mastered down to detailed component level, are manufactured as make-to-order or as part of agreements with long-term commitments (maintenance, repair and same production).

IRTS has a high level of innovativeness and R&D with some 30 employees/year working to its customers’ best interests in tailoring their products to specific requirements (COTS+ approach) and developing electronic equipment, computers and monitors on a customer-design basis.

IRTS is an equipment manufacturer which rolls out its products in small- to medium-scale production runs, from multi-unit series which it manufactures itself to series totalling several thousand pieces which it subcontracts to leading electronics production players such as ASTEELFLASH whilst continuing to manage all aspects of the manufacturing and taking full responsibility for product lifecycles and repair.

At a commercial level and besides the French market which is managed directly, IRTS is positioned on the international market either directly or via representation agreements in numerous countries in Europe and around the globe.

As a specialist in embedded computing, IRTS designs, manufactures and commercializes rugged computing and electronic materials in the form of products, equipment and systems that meet:

  • specific sectoral standards (MIL, DO160, DEFSTAN, AECTP standards for the Military sector, ATEX for the Gas Mine Oil sector and ECDIS for the Maritime sector),
  • conditions for hostile environment implementation,
  • performance, use and operational requirements.

Strategic Positioning

IRTS works in absolute synergy on 2 strategic market segments:

  • Segment 1: COTS & modified COTS Smart Displays and Rugged Computers

This segment focuses on the industrial and military C4I field for at least one of the four letters of this well-known acronym: “Computerized Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence”.

IRTS proposes an extensive range of COTS and MOTS products (Commercial or Military Off-The-Shelf) including rugged LCD monitors, embedded tablet PCs, video displays and computers.

These COTS and MOST products can be easily adjusted to the customers’ technical specifications.

IRTS is an equipper and a manufacturer:

  •  of industrial and military-range rugged LCD monitors (15 to 24’’)
  • of panel PCs with A4RTM, displays with A4RD and real-time video displays with A4RV ranges from 10 to 17”
  • of panel PCs with A3R and displays with A3RD ranges from 17 to 24’’
  • SWAP-C, A4RK and A3RK compact computers

“Customer Designs” linked activity

Custom designing positions IRTS in the market place as an R&D, qualification process and customer equipment manufacturing service provider. These customer products whether they are dedicated, specific or manufactured under customer logo, are based on the same technologies as IRTS COTS products provided they are part of regular or make-to-order manufacturing requirements of several dozen to several thousand units.

All these products use groundbreaking rugged graphic display technology that is frequently closely linked to IRTS-developed board computers.

  • Segment 2: systems and computer & electronic systems integration

In keeping with the same strategy implemented for COTS products and customer design products, IRTS proposes an extensive range of embedded computers, consoles, large screen displays and deployable display walls.

IRTS’ business in this field focuses on C4ISR applications and its real-time and/or embedded computing applications and draws on comprehensive experience in R&D, qualification and manufacturing in the field of:

  • rugged PCs and computers,
  • graphic consoles and operator stations,
  • 32 to 55”, HD or 4K rugged, LCD Displays for the military sector and for harsh environments of civil market
  • Outdoor DID (Digital Information Display) Displays
  • LCD Display walls based on 4 up to 9 rugged thin-edged LCD screens.
  • Mobile and deployable LCD Display walls, ready to operate in 30 mn for military Tactical Operation Center, security and disaster management 

Mission Statement

“Global player and Europe’s leading provider of rugged computers and displays for military, aerospace and industrial markets”.

An independent, human-sized company which has proven its effectiveness, relevance and dynamic performance, IRTS is dedicated to providing its French and international customers with:

  • a highly-competitive, state-of-the-art range of technologically-mastered, French-manufactured displays and computers,
  • recognized capacity for innovation in rugged, complex and, in some cases, real-time rugged IT systems,
  • technical and industrial proficiency for developing, qualifying and manufacturing leading-edge, compact, best-value solutions (SWAP-C approach),
  • its expertise for designing and producing bespoke, customer-design products and ensuring their projects achieve success,
  • its industrial know-how enhanced by its subcontractor partners’ competency,
  • its in-depth experience, acknowledged in defence, aerospace and industrial markets,
  • its flexibility and agility for tailoring to their needs,
  • its unshakeable determination for continuous improvement,
  • a sustainable relationship built on trust and great precision in delivery,
  • the protection of their know-how.

IRTS is an ISO 9001 certified company and aims to be certified EN9100 in 2018.

Know-how and Expertise

What exactly is IRTS? IRTS is not a design office or an IT service provider or even an electronic production subcontractor.

IRTS is an equipment manufacturer and a highly-specialized technology company that works in “product mode” and “project mode”.

Its “product mode” relates to its make-to-order activity for COTS and MOTS (Commercial and Military Of-The-Shelf) equipment. These include:

  • qualified generic equipment which represents its proprietary IRTS products (LCD monitors, industrial and military panel PCs, displays, graphic consoles and embedded computers, display terminals, video walls)
  • customer equipment, where the customers financed the development and/or tailoring and expect IRTS to provide services related to:
    •  obsolescence management
    •  keeping records in production status as production is make-to-order over periods that may require technological updating to be carried out every 3 to 5 years. As IRTS is a COTS product business, it is accustomed to this issue and, as such, perfectly positioned to provide its customers with the same type of service for their own products
    • maintenance under COTS-applicable conditions for an initial 5-year timeframe following delivery
    • provision of global support packages for equipment delivered over long timeframes up to 10, 15 and even 20 years

It should be noted that IRTS has full mastery of the technologies used in the aforementioned equipment, including at detailed component-level; IRTS also manufactures the main electronic sub-assemblies for this equipment.

As such, the aforementioned equipment may be released from the scope of ITAR.

Their manufacturing and control records are internationally transferable to IRTS partners in many countries, and to IRTS customers’ partners, so that international compensation issues, frequently incurred when exporting, may be addressed in the best possible conditions.

As for the “project mode”, this concerns the development of new customer equipment, the adjustment of existing COTS product to customer technical specifications and integrated systems activities.

IRTS and its design and development partners represent a technical hub of around 30 employees/year.

Projects are undertaken based on customer expectations, and include:

  • preliminary feasibility studies,
  • prototypes, test mock-ups, tentative products,
  • qualification reports,
  • preliminary design reviews and critical design reviews (PDR, CDR),
  • TRR – test readiness review,
  • feasibility studies,
  • production and first article inspection (FAI)
  • acceptance test plan (ATP),
  • acceptance test report (ATR),

and, also, depending on project size or customer expectation:

  • business management plans,
  • industrial validation plan,
  • risk management plans.


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