Customer products

Our company positions itself in the international marketplace as an R&D, qualification process and customer equipment manufacturing service provider. These customer products will be based on the same technologies as IRTS COTS products and will be manufactured on demand in small or medium quantities.

In light of this, IRTS emphasizes – thanks to its experience - its capacity to operate development, manufacturing under customer contract for the clients who wish to keep the industrial property of their own equipment - either for financial, branding or strategic reasons.

Custom designing is also a proven solution when time has come to replace obsolete units, which are usually more expensive to maintain than to replace with an efficient “Form, Fit & Function” policy.

Following auditing and contract agreement, IRTS will provide the appropriate technical, technological and industrial means to make COTS IRTS-based derivative or customized products.

Keeping business on a human scale is a strategy that IRTS has been using to promote efficiency and dynamism that enable the company to ensure its clients:

  • Technical proficiency and best-value innovative solutions,
  •  Swiftness and flexibility to meet their needs,
  • Long-term business partnership based on trust and best practice.

The scope of applications of IRTS products has grown over 20 years of industrial proof, to reach the figures of hundreds of sites equipped and over 30,000 units installed - either in the military or industrial markets and overall in the field of visualization systems related to embedded IT technologies.

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