Ultra-high-brightness Panel PC for the French Army’s 155 mm CAESAR self-propelled artillery system

Since 2007, IRTS has delivered around one hundred TGM4s with ultra-high-brightness displays with superior sunlight readability. This device, known as BIHM-HL, equips the French Army’s 155 mm CAESAR self-propelled artillery system.

To achieve this display, IRTS developed a LED backlight unit providing 1200 cd/m2 on the 12'' LCD panel which integrated a replaceable backlight unit. To combine the most powerful luminosities without limiting the thermal calculation ability of the system unit coupled with the display, IRTS reviewed the product’s initial design and added a heatsink which separates the display casing from the board computer casing.

The new product was military environment-qualified, accepting in particular 1000 x 40g-23 msec shocks on its 3 axes.

CAESAR is a NEXTER Systems brand.

BIHM-HL is a SAFRAN Electronics & Defense brand.

Design and production Stratis