6'' Panel PC for military land vehicle navigation systems

From 2003 to date, IRTS has designed, qualified and manufactured over a thousand of these 6'' panel PCs for a leading French systems integrator that uses it as a SCADA unit (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) for a military land vehicle navigation system. Several versions of the equipment were developed to take the diversity of our customer’s specifications and component obsolescence into account. In addition to traditional I/O, one of the equipment versions integrates an ARINC 423 interface.

600 ITGs equip various French Land Army vehicles.

Several hundred pieces were manufactured for export markets and fitted on BMP3 vehicles. The BMP3 version is an ultra-rugged version of the equipment, qualified for very harsh environments (vibrations higher than 5g RMS).

The IRTS ensures that CDU 2G equipment is qualification- and production-ready. Today, 15 year after the initial design it is still a make-to-order product.

ITG & CDU 2G are SAFRAN Electronics & Defense brands.

Design and production Stratis