Mobile 6'' video display for remotely-controlled night-vision binoculars

From 2007 to date, IRTS has designed, qualified and manufactured over a thousand units of this handheld, mobile 6'' video display. The display is coupled with night-vision binoculars on a motorized mount remotely-controlled by the operator. Using a joystick, identical to those in gaming consoles, the operator can control the binocular zoom, bearing and azimuth with his/her thumbs whilst observing the image of the monitored scene. The device includes function buttons and a drop-down visor that protects the screen in closed position.

600 ITGs equip French Land Army forces.

Several hundred POP6 units have been manufactured for export markets.

POP6 equipment is the exclusive property of THALES Optronique and is included in its equipment catalogue. POP6 is managed in successive FFF (Fit Form Function) generations to take technology advancements and component obsolescence into account.

POP6 is a THALES Optronique - THALES Group brand.

Design and production Stratis