The 5019SX-3A-SVISAC 19’’ monitor from IRTS is able to display any specific interlaced video, thanks to its smart FPGA based electronic video controller design.

It was successfully integrated by NAVAL GROUP on anti-submarine frigate, for replacement of obsolete specific video monitor linked with anti-submarine warfare subsystem (resolution: 1260 x 1024 interlaced)

In the same way, THALES used this monitor connected to radar computer DR3000 (resolution 1680 x 1264 interlaced).

Several OSD menus are available for tuning the monitor to incoming video signals. In particular, resizing is possible to recover the original pixel aspect ratio.

Please note that the flexibility of the FPGA design enables this monitor to be easily adapted for replacement of old random-scan device, and more generally for replacement of any non-standard video monitor.

Please contact us for any specific requirement.

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