12'' XGA rugged Panel PC on board French Military vehicles for SIT (Terminal Information System)

From 2004 to date, in partnership with leading defense-focused systems integrators, IRTS has provided the French Land Army with 2,000 12'' XGA TGM4 panel PCs, which are implemented for application in various vehicles (Char LECLERC - MBT-, AMX 10s, VBCIs - armoured vehicle for infantry combat) for the French “Système d'Information Terminal” (SIT - Terminal Information System), part of the French Army’s operational chain of command.

This equipment was designed and industrialized over an 18-month period beginning in autumn 2002. Its initial modular design focusing on ETX Pentium III (TGM4 2G) architecture facilitated an evolving policy for upgrading to the ETX Express Pentium M 1.4 GHz version in 2008 (TGM4 3G), then the COM Express Intel i7 version in 2014 (TGM4 4G).

The last TGM4 4Gs were delivered in 2015. The fleet of 2,000 TGM4 4Gs will be provided with a global support package until the 2020s.

As the proof goes to show, a well-conceived hardware platform with open, modular architecture is perfectly well-suited for implementing best-performing C4ISR software (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) for over 20 years.

Char LECLERC, AMX10 and VBCI are NEXTER Systems brands.

TGM4 is a SAFRAN Electronics & Defense brand.

Design and production Stratis