Ultra-light 5 slots VME Computer for the AIRBUS helicopter PANTHER

IRTS designed, qualified and manufactured a water and dustproof VME computer that integrated:

  • 1 conduction-cooled X86 CPU board with a conduction-cooled XMC graphics board,
  • 1 conduction-cooled X86 CPU board with 2 conduction-cooled ARINC-429 PMC and ATDS cards,
  • 1 IRTS designed and manufactured V2GAC video interface card for:
    • real-time acquisition and visualization (simultaneous VGA and PAL TV output) for 1 to 2 STANAG 3350C RGB video inputs
    • real-time recording/compression of the video stream and its playback/decompression
  • 1 IRTS designed and manufactured SATA SSD dual media card,
  • 1 IRTS-specified 28VDC/3.3VDC-5VDC-12VDC convertor board.

This board computer uses the Windows XP Embedded operating system on each of its CPU boards.

The water and dustproof, qualified for “DO-160D Helicopter AIRBORNE” environment board computer, integrating decisive weight constraints, is designed in low-skin-effect aluminium alloy and has an unladen weight of 1 kg.

4 IP65 fans, added on the sides, allow it to be implemented in an operating range with temperatures varying from -10°C to 55°C (-20°C/+75°C in storage) with inner/outer Delta T of 15°C permitting a dissipation loss of some 150 Watts.

The board computer is DO-160D Helicopter environment qualified. 20 units have been rolled out and have delivered successful performances to date for the French Navy forces where the computer is operated coupled with a SAFRAN Electronics and Defense infrared camera for operational maritime surveillance missions onboard PANTHER helicopters.

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