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The Scorpion Combat Vehicle Modernization Program consists of a $6.8 billion multi-company modernization effort, aimed at replacing all French frontline fighting vehicles, with improved platforms linked to a new and unified communications and battlefield management system.


GRIFFON - Armored Multi-Role Vehcile

Using three IRTS A4R rugged displays

Griffon is used by several national defense forces. Its mission is to transport troops and to support the combined inter-army tactical group in the contact zone. The vehicle is based on a 6×6 commercial all-terrain truck chassis and will carry up to eight infantry soldiers. The Griffon is equipped with a remote weapons station that can be armed with a machine gun, or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.


JAGUAR - Armored Reconnaissance and Combat Vehicle

Using the IRTS A4R multi-functional display

The Jaguar is built with STANAG 4569 Level 4 armor protection. The 6x6 type wheeled vehicle has an overpressure system to maintain constant overpressure in the armored troop compartment to protect it against chemical, biological and radiological threats. The Jaguar's primary weapons, mounted in a two-man turret, are a 40 mm cannon, two anti-tank guided missiles and a remote controlled machine gun.


SERVAL - Light multi role armored vehicle

Using two IRTS rugged displays

Complementing the heavier Griffon armored vehicle, Serval is 4-wheeled and can be used to transport light infantry and reconnaissance units. The Serval is designed to operate in contact zones on the battlefield. It is particularly maneuverable and will primarily equip infantry units of light brigades and rapid reaction forces.


Leclerc Main Battle Tank

Using IRTS Primary Sight displays and Fire Control units

The Leclerc is a third generation Main Battle Tank. Several hundred of Leclerc main battle tanks have been upgraded with the Scorpion networked command information system.


MEPAC self-propelled mortar

Using IRTS High Brightness Fire Control Station

MEPAC is a self-propelled artillery piece in which a mortar is the primary weapon. The MEPAC will provide close and immediate indirect fire support for maneuver units while allowing for rapid displacement and quick reaction to the tactical situation.


CAESAR Self-Propelled Howitzer

Using two IRTS High Brightness Fire Control Stations

The self-propelled howitzer is installed on a 6x6 or 8x8 truck chassis. Equipped with an autonomous weapon system and ballistic computer, the CAESAR can accurately strike targets more than 40 kilometres away.


105mm Light Howitzer

Using IRTS High Brightness Fire Control Station

The 105mm Howitzer is a widespread artillery weapon, with a widespread production, leading to its adoption by many countries.


VBCI Armored Infantery Combat Vehicle

Using IRTS Tactical Displays

The VBCI 8x8 wheeled design was chosen to make it more comfortable, less costly and easier to maintain on war theaters, compared to tracked vehicles. The VBCI is designed to be transportable by the Airbus A400M.